Masters of Digital Media
  • This was a fun (and time-destroying) video for the Centre for Digital Media's Masters of Digital Media program.

    The client wanted to emphasize the different idea-generating steps that their students utilize in their design process (brainstorming, sketching, prototyping, etc), so we proposed using the different tools involved in the design process to tell their story. These tools include: whiteboard markers, sticky notes, paper prototypes, and 3D models.

    Weeks of planning, days of making little trinkets out of construction paper, and many sleepless hours of frame-by-frame stop motion later, we completed the fine video below.
  • Studio
    Giant Ant

    Art direction, graphic design, motion, 3d animation

    Centre for Digital Media

    Time frame
    Jan - Feb 2011 (6 weeks)

Final Product

Production Timelapse

Photo by Ryan Smith (Right)